Hello, Moto: Motorola Is Quietly Making Some Great Phones

Hello, Moto: Motorola Is Quietly Making Some Great Phones

The Start Of The Moto Phones
Motorola started to gain a name for them when they released the Razr Series. It is still fresh in my mind how I was once appalled by the beauty of the said phone. However, just like with everyone else who never tried to deviate from what they already have, people seemed to grow tired of what they can offer which is why after Razr2 everything started to go south.

The reason why they started to appeal less to the users is because top brands like LG, Blackberry, Samsung, and iPhone started to release feature-rich touchscreen and 3G smartphones. Actually, some of their rivals even offered them collaborations but have firmly declined.

The Calm After The Storm
After what seems to be the lowest point of the company, they needed a shift in management leadership which is why when Sanjay Jha took over as the co-chief executive officer of Motorola mobile device division; significant changes were made to their models and have finally introduced their first of their many smartphones.

Ever since before, Moto has always been able to produce quality phones, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. What went wrong was, they weren’t able to ride with what was the latest trend and people have always been about what is new or what is hot. Anyway, all of that is now in the past and the company is already making its way up again since they have been purchased by Lenovo, another company that is leading when it comes to telecommunication technology.

If you are looking for a phone that is durable, design-wise, and worth the price, it is no doubt that Moto phones should be one of the choices that are included in your list because undoubtedly, they do qualify as one of the best phones in the world.